Customers coming to order our thrilling amusement rides big pendulum

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A customers who ordered our amusement rides bumper car before came back again for our thrilling amusement rides, he said the bumper car is designed with high quality and used well now in his park, so he came back want to order a thrilling amusement rides. We introduce him the thrilling rides big pendulum, speed windmill, flying carpet and the roller coaster, told him the different working ways and thrilling points, also according to the price, customers finally chose the big pendulum. 

Thrilling amusement rides big pendulum is a popular amusement rides with thrilling working ways, the rides designed with a big turntable, with seats sit around and the press bar also the safety belts and the belts lock to promise enough safety for players, and with the strong big arms set in the middle of the four support arms, to make the rides fixed and firmed on the ground good and durable. When working, the strong arms will swing in the high space while the turntable rotate 360 degree, to make players feel dizzy while being thrown in the space, with loudly shouting sound and interesting music coming, the whole rides give players a thrilling and exciting feeling. 

thrilling amusement ridesthrilling amusement rides

thrilling amusement ridesthrilling amusement rides

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