【Name】:Diesel engine battery electric trackless train rides road train rides for kids adults

【Application Fields】suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, playgrounds, shopping malls and other entertainment places.
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Product Description

this model electric trackless train rides, also can be called sightseeing cart, amusement bus train and road train rides. Can take players visit from one place to another place, like the bus car take players from one station to the next station.

the electric trackless train rides can be driven by diesel engine or battery according to your needs, one train head can take one or two cabins, each cabins take 20 persons is no problem, and on the train we make the KTV, simulate the train sounds, and the turn directions directive, to make the train work like a real train. 

Technical parameter:

Item Electric trackless train rides
Head train 4.1*1.6*2.5m
Train cabin4.3*1.9*2.5m
Capacity 42 persons with driver


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