【Name】:Laser shooting full interaction among players inflatable bumper car baby chariots

【Application Fields】bumper car baby chariots suitable for amusement parks, playgrounds, shopping malls and some other entertainment places.
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Product Description

when speaking to the amusement rides bumper car, the ground net model, sky net model, battery model, infltable model, we now manufacture a new interesting model, the inflatable laser model bamper car baby chariots,still suitable for both kids and adults, and add more interesting elements for making more fun to players. 

1.Stable accelerating system, can promise players safety during the working. 

2.Dual operating system, allowing interaction between parents and kids.)

3.Fighting mode with laser shooting, there are laser shooting button and induction zone, one cars being shot, its life lamp will showing and life time will decrease, of course, if you shoot others, you can get more life time, the bumper car baby chariots is very interesting. 

4.LED scoring screen to show clearly how many times your car is shot by others and you shoot others, also your life time. 

5.Start up with remote control and key, more convenient.

6.High capacity battery and intelligent charging protection system.

7.Colorful lights and cool sound effect,to add more funny details and improve the interesting atmosphere. 

8.Gas film buffering and seat belt to guarantee the safety of players.

9.Gorgeous and magnificent color assortment, of course, if you need, colors can customized according to your needs. 

Technical parameter of the bumper car baby chariots:

Modelbumper car baby chariots
Capacity 2 persons
Most loading weight 150kg
Working time 6-8h
Charging time 
Space area 2m2

Pictures for the bumper car baby chariots:

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