【Name】:Beautiful design customized amusement family rides shark fighting island

【Application Fields】amusement family rides shark fighting island suitable for squares, parks, theme parks, amusement parks, and also the large shopping mall etc.
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Product Description

amusement family rides shark fighting island is an interesting rides contains roation elements, water elements, water toy gun elements, music elecments and others. there are several shark models combined like a shark island, then around the island, there are shark seats for players. and on the seats, there will be set the toy gun which can shoot out water, when working,the rides will rotate on the truck while players can use the fun to shoot the middle targets, if they were shot, there will be music coming out, really interesting. 

and for the amusement family rides shark fighting island, it is suitable for both kids and adults, commonly two seats set together, so that for the little kids, adults can play together with the kids, so that it also can be called as a family rides, and the rides rotation speed not too fast, so that can give players time fot shooting the target, as also like shoot the shark island, so called it shark fighting island. 

Pictures of the amusement family rides shark fighting island:

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