【Name】:Large amusement rides crazy chair space travel thrilling rides

【Application Fields】amusement rides crazy chair suitable for both kids above 7 years old and adults, can be sets in amusement parks, theme parks, squares and playgrounds.
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Product Description

the amusement rides carzy chair is a large rides widly set in the amusement parks, themes parks, playgorunds and others, can be played by the kids above 7 years old and adults, more welcomed by the yong people. 

when working, the amusement rides crazy chair will rotate fastly, then the chair seats will swing strongly to make the players lay, face down, sit and sometimes lose weight, so dizzy and exciting. and the rides decoration can be customized to customers requirements, colors, led lights, all for you like. 

Technical parameter of the amusement rides crazy chair:


Model amsuement rides crazy chir
Capacity 9cockpits*2 persons
Power 9kw
Diameter 10m
Height 2.8m

Pictures of the amusement rides crazy chair:



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