【Name】:New design more thrilling amusement rides flying tagada turntable

【Application Fields】amusement rides flying tagada suitable for amusement parks, playgrounds, and the theme parks.
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Product Description

With engineers hardworking efforts and the inspiration of foreign amusement rides, we make a new design thrilling amusement rides flying tagada for customers who like thrilling and exciting rides to have a try. 

The rides is designed with a big turntable with 24 or 30 seats around, 2 seats in a row, with a strong arm support in the middle, when working, the whole turntable will rotate 360 degree in a whole, while the strong arm will push the whole turntable to make eccentric rotation, also the arm can support to rotate in high space which seems can one side players will be threw out of the seats. The amusement rides flying tagada also designed with the colorful light on the rides, the whole equipment is very attractive for players.

Technical parameter of the amusement rides flying tagada:

Model FTZP-24FTZP-30
Capacity 24 persons 30 persons 
Turntable diameter 5m 6m
Eccentric diameter 2.4m2.4m
Working height 2m2.8m
Space area 9m11m

Pictures of the amusement rides flying tagada:



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