【Name】:20 capacity large thrilling amusement rides top spin exciting for parks

【Application Fields】amusement rides top spin is suitable for parks, theme parks, playground and others park rides popular rides.
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Product Description

amusement rides top spin also can be called as the space travel rides, designed with all the passanger seats on a large platform, while two support arms take the whole plat rotate 360 degree rotation, just like play with the swing, but this swing can take players fly high in the space, and also down near ground. There are two pars join in the rotation, one is the two arms take rotation and the other is the seats platform, it also can rotate itself, also sometimes the two arms will take the platform make like a z model rotation, to invite players enjoy the situation of losing weight, being thrown into the high space and also thrown down very fast. 

for the amusement rides top spin, also can manufacture the movable model with trailer, no matter customers need us make the whole rides directly on the trailer or just with wheels for convenient moving, or customers have trailer themselves, just need us make the rides with bolts for them confirming on their trailer, all is no problem, we can customized the details according to requirements. 

Technical parameter of the amusement rides to spin:

Model Capacity Power Space area Height 
GKLY-1616 persons25kw10*66m
GKLY-2020 persons30kw12*8m7.5m

Features of the amusement rides top spin:

  1. every seat has its unique hydraulic button for controlling its press bar, to make the rides more safety for players;

  2. galvanization body to make it more durable and easy to get painting;

  3. movable and fixed model both suitable, professional and more interesting. 

Factory pictures of the amusement rides top spin:

FRP&Steel materials                                               seats platfrom

passanger seats with hydraulic button                            strong support frame

top spin in parks

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