【Name】:Interesting and safety amusement thrilling rides surfer outdoor park rides

【Application Fields】amusement thrilling rides surfer is suitable for the outdoor parks, squares, amusement parks and theme parks etc.
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Product Description

When amusement park owners come to inquiry our amusement rides, always asked some thrilling rides for the young people, the amusement thrilling rides surfer is a good choice. unlike the large rides with plat seats for passengers sitting down, this is the vertical seats for passengers back stand on the surfer, with belts and backseats to firm players stand there well, then to enjoy the whole rides surfing well. for the truck, the rides also designed unlike the common rides truck, but with two truns, for the ship body run on, then with the truns ups and downs, really like players surf on the ocean wave. 

and for the amusement thrilling rides surfer, all the players are standing on the ship body, to experience the rides interests, and also the highest working height can get 1.98m, so that they can also enjoy a good sligh. the rides can take 20-24 perosons, mainly set in the outdoor parks or squares, funny and interesting. 

Technical parameter of the amusement thrilling rides surfer:

Model Amusement thrilling rides surfer 
Capacity 20-24 persons
Power 18kw
Space 8*20m

Pictures of the amusement thrilling rides surfer:



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