【Name】:Attractive amusement rides electric trackless train with wheels run on ground

【Application Fields】amusement rides electric trackless train is suitable for the shopping mall, supermarkets, amusement parks, theme parks, playgrounds etc.
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Product Description

Besides the amusement kiddie rides electric train run on the truck, we also have the amusement rides electric trackless train, which is designed with wheels run directly on the ground instead of the truck. 

with the electric trackless train, especially in the large parks and shopping malls, it can take players run around the place, just like a sightseeing car, a good transporting tool for both kids and adults, and the rides can be designed with elephant image, Thomas and the antique image, all beautiful and attractive, sit in it,really like sitting in the real wagon. and the rides details also can be customized according to your requirements. 

Pictures of the electric trackless train:

Features of the electric trackless train:

  1. different images to choose, can be customized according to needs;

  2. easy to make turns so that can run easily in the supermarkert and shopping mall; 

  3. one locomotive, 4 wagons, beautiful and attractive. 

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