【Name】:Interesting truck amusement rides mini flying car beautiful design hot sale

【Application Fields】amusement rides mini flying car is suitable for squares, parks, playgrounds and the theme parks etc.
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Product Description

amusement rides mini flying car is a small model flying UFO rides, it is deigned with a small car with 6 seats or 5 seats, run on the truck, the truck designed with radian in the middle, so that car can run ups and downs from this end to that end. And during the car run on the truck, it also rotate 360 degree on the truck, so that can add the thrilling and interesting elements on the rides. 

and for the amusement rides mini flying car, the car image and the truck radian can be customized according to needs, the car image you can choose the car shape or the cup model with lights or without lights, and the truck customers can choose with one radian or two radians, all according to your needs in order to satisfied with you well. 

Pictures of the amusement rides mini flying car:

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