Emergency advice for running amusement rides mini roller coaster

For the too thrilling of big mini roller coaster to play for small children,now the small scale roller coaster is very popular,like the sliding green worm rides,etc.When the amusement rides mini roller coaster is working,may course some emergency things,so how can we meet and do.This is some advice from our engineer:

1.In the process of operation,all of a sudden power failure treatment measures:the staff should shut off the power switch,note as tourists dynamic,reassure tourists,let them not to panic,after waiting for equipment to a complete stop and do a good job,explain to visitors guide tourists away.After being to restore power,to test two times,determine the equipment after the normal running,then can continue to do business.

2.In operation,individual visitors feel discomfort,panic measures:if someone feel unwell during not comfortable or panic,the staff should be timely press “stop” button,and comfort,standby is stationary ,staff should help visitors quickly fastened left the scene,if necessary,send to the infirmary,and check situation of other visitors.If all is normal,can restart the amusement machine.

3.In operation,some visitors is not stipulated in the safety behavior treatment measures:there is not in accordance with the safety rules,staff should immediately stop,to persuade,press stop immediately if there is no effects,patient education,points out that dangerous items.After waiting for them to accept ability again for amusement rides mini roller coaster.

4.In operation,the weather suddenly change measures when your amusement rides mini roller coaster is outside:like suddenly the heavy rain,workers ready to explain to visitors,standby is stationary,guide the tourists to safe place to shelter from the rain.When the weather to improve,continue to running the amusement machine.

5.If tourist don’t conform to the stipulations notice of amusement rides mini roller coaster for tourists,visitors and requirements on processing measures:workers should stand in the perspective of tourists on patient explanation,the reasons and points out that dangerous place,if visitors still want to play,as a staff member should adhere to principle,declined,and introduce visitors to the appropriate project to play,if can’t explain or affect the normal business,should be reported to the department set up,absolutely forbidden to quarrel with tourists.  

amusement rides mini roller coaster amusement rides mini roller coaster

Several disinfection method of amusement rides/kids toys plush battery animal rides

All children like to play the amusement rides very much,but resistance of children is very poor,especially some stream of place to play.So it is so necessary for amusement rides operators to disinfection the amusement facilities timely.There are some amusement toys disinfection methods are often to see:

  1. Iron Toy.Scrub with soap and water first,clean water,and then dried in the sun.

  2. The Wooden Toys.Scrub with 5% bleach solution,then rush clean with clean water,dry it.

  3. Plastic Toys.This kind toys need to clean by water,water is neutral,70% to 80% of the bacteria can rinse with water.This methods suitable for circuit toys.

  4. Plush Battery Animal Rides.You can regularly clean with alcohol cotton ball wiping children often touch the parts.

    The plush battery animal rides is unpick and wash.You can put the toys stitches apart,remove the filler and battery,exposure in the sun.Then you can wash and dry the plush cloth.

    Through these methods,hope can provide to help parents and investors,and also hope that all parents in child care more patience and careful,let their children more healthy and happy growth. According play the various amusement rides,especially for the plush battery animal rides,can bring more fun while well developing their brain.  

battery animal rides battery animal rides


battery animal rides battery animal rides

Suggestion for choose the amusement rides big pendulum/large scale amusement equipment

Now the large amusement equipment is very popular in market,main audience is children,the year the most welcomed is the amusement rides big pendulum.As people living standard rise,many parents like to play amusement rides big pendulum with their children on weekend or holiday.At the same time,some investors take the fancy to the opportunity to start investing large amusement equipment for business.Please follow us to see the below for advice:

First,the large scale amusement rides big pendulum is quite big,bad investments will cause severe losses,only in the early market investigation,to a certain extent,avoid the happening of this kind of phenomenon. 

Second,large scale amusement rides market saturation and the building site.When we choose the big pendulum,the key is to examine plan investment within the regional market capacity,analysis which place is the most suitable for site selection.

When you invest the amusement rides big pendulum,hope you can pay attention these two advice.The market research is very useful,so that we can prevent falling into the trap of consumption,and to buy good amusement equipment for you. The lurky amusement equipment manufacturer are producing different kinds and capacity amusement rides big pendulum,any you interests,please inquiry us!

amusement rides big pendulum amusement rides big pendulum

amusement rides big pendulum amusement rides big pendulum

After sale service of amusement rides from lurky

When we delivery our amusement rides to customers,we will package well.Also we will send you the installation video of the amusement rides you ordered.If you require,our technician can come to your place helping you install the amusement equipment.


Last time we have received a order of Boonie bear control plane,human gyroscope,pirate ship and disco tagada.After testing the amusement equipment well,we delivery to our customer.For so many rides to install,he require our engineer to his place.When finished installation and testing in their park well,they are very happy and say thanks for us.They say it is a big helping for them.But it is our pleasures to do this.We will always do our best to service our customers.This is the pictures below.Very nice and new amusement rides products.

amusement ride  amusement rides

amusement equipmentamusement equipment

Advantages of Lurky Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.

We are from lurky company,producing different kinds of amusement machine,such as kiddie rides,family rides,thrill rides,inflatable rides,water park rides,and other amusement park rides.We can meet different customers’ needs and request.


We have our own professional work team with different departments,such as designer team,produce team,testing team,selling team,shipping department.Sometimes our products can be produced according your design of amusement rides,the shapes and colors can be customized.


If you are interested or any of your questions or demands of lurky amusement rides,please kindly tell us.We are always insist on quality first,customers first.


Below is our new design amusement rides,the palace carousel and pirate ship on trailer.


amusement rides  amusement machine

        Zhengzhou Lurky amusement equipment Co., Ltd was set up and put into production on June 3rd, 2000. All of the main production managers and designers engaged in related positions for many years in the inflatable factory of China. We have had many years rich production management experience and technical capability.more..
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